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It takes out much of the sweat and tears in creating an interface for your Kontakt sound library and replaces it with a drag and drop designer. Many pro-level libraries come with animated works of art behind the carefully arranged knobs and sliders. Creating those interfaces can be enormously time consuming and tedious. Of course there are plenty of coding artists out there but we like a good short cut.
rigid audio kontakt gui maker

Rigid Audio Kontakt Gui Maker

Rigid Audio KONTAKT GUI Maker v1.1.0 WiinMac

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Thank you for purchasing „KGM“ – the Kontakt GUI Maker! KGM is a powerful tool that lets you create and design virtual instruments for the Kontakt™ sampler. KONTAKT GUI Maker [Win OSX] KONTAKT GUI Maker allows you to create interfaces for KONTAKT tools. Developer: Rigid Audio. KONTAKT GUI Maker lets you design interfaces for your KONTAKT instruments with a breeze. You only have to drag and drop pictures onto the.

Rigid Audio announces Kontakt GUI Maker for Native Instruments Kontakt

Sample start-point modulation via Velocity or fully random Effect bypass switches Random note pitch “analog drift” Panning modulation Polyphonic or monophonic Note sequencer Effects sequencing If you add “Is Menu: Or you can add override parameters, like: So, if you need a filter cutoff control for your instrument, drag and drop a knob or slider to the interface that you like or import your own and then assign the “filter cutoff” action to it and you are good to go.

Planned features for the initial release: Assigning basic operations to UI elements.

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Rigid Audio KONTAKT GUI Maker v Wiin/Mac Size Mb Kontakt GUI Maker has been updated to v! It features now 50 new action scripts, proj. Rigid Audio has announced Kontakt GUI Maker, a WYSIWYG editor for the quick creation of user interfaces for developers designing libraries. how to create an entire Kontakt sample library from scratch. currently 9,99 USD per month · Rigid Audio Kontakt GUI Designer, currently on sale for 29 USD.

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Rigid Audio Kontakt Gui Maker

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