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How To Sample Music: Sampling is a key part of electronic, hip-hop and music in general. But learning the art form is a process that involves understanding complicated tools, knowing where to look and having an ear for good material.
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Music Radar Samples

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How To Sample Music: Sampling is a key part of electronic, hip-hop and music in general. But learning the art form is a process that involves understanding complicated tools, knowing where to look and having an ear for good material. What is Sampling? Despite a lot of debate within the larger musical community as to whether sampling is a legitimate art-form, most people today would consider it a unique form of creative expression, with a large number of the top 40 pop and hip-hop tracks paying homage to the past through the use of a sample or two.

Everything is a Remix Many producers, especially those getting into EDM, start off their production journey thinking all sounds have to be created from nothing. While synthesis is a massive part of producing music, sampling is an equally important skill within the broader art form of music production.

Beautiful layers of instruments, weaving in and out of each other, recorded in exact ways. Those textures and tones would require unnecessary amounts of effort to create the same result, only to use it in a different way anyway. Today, sampling is ubiquitous. It was the first time recorded audio was used as source material rather than a new recording.

Engineers would mix, rearrange, and rebuild tracks to suit different audiences. These pioneers made stripped-down instrumental mixes of reggae tunes, which started out simple but became more complex over time through the addition of effects like reverb and delay. This created new genres, like dub and early riddim no, not the brostep type. These techniques were then generously shared with hip-hop artists — giving birth to a completely new sound.

Yet it was the MPC that arguably had the biggest impact on the modern form of sampling we know today, with artists such as J Dilla and DJ Shadow using the tool in unprecedented ways. From here on in, it impacted hip-hop, electronic and pop music for good.

Iconic Examples With the advent of sampling, what can we point to in order to showcase its historical impact on music? Here are some key examples of tunes using a sample that you may or may not recognise, pulled from the sampling info website WhoSampled. Queen — Under Pressure Look, many of you probably know this one.

When anybody talks about sampling, this is usually the example that is brought up. Steve Winwood — Valerie This has got to have been the first electronic song I heard that used such an iconic and obvious sample. A true classic and a rite of passage for all electronic music producers. Kanye West Feat. Jamie Foxx — Gold Digger Sample: In fact, these very techniques inspired a new generation of hip-hop beats by producers who used samplers in similar ways.

What Can Be Sampled? This is evident in the popular examples above. But sampling encompasses a much broader art form in practice. It can be used in chill hip-hop beats, in catchy pop music, and in beautiful sample collage tracks that really push the envelope of sampling. The possibilities are truly endless. Many songs out there probably use samples without you even knowing. Even Justice has even admitted to using a large number of samples on their debut record, most of them uncleared too.

Combine that with the advent of digital technology — using samples shifted from relying on pre-recorded, usually non-royalty free music to companies creating dedicated sample packs with royalty free sounds for producers to use. These sounds were arguably better, because they came from a higher quality source, had a specific use a one-shot clap sample vs ripping a clap from a full track and could be used without risk.

Now the techniques combined with the resources allowed sampling to reach a tipping point, democratizing the practice. More than that, the variety of sounds available in astonishing. You can get field recordings, piano sounds, drum hits, foley noises, synthesized FX, sampled phrases, pretty much anything. Sampling has reached new heights, and it could go anywhere in the future.

Where Can I Find Samples? Now that we know what sampling is and what can be sampled, where do you go to get them? Here we will cover where you can find any sort of sample, from completed music to sample to individual drum samples or obscure audio recordings.

But using the medium as is is the most common form of sampling. Then just create a new audio track in your DAW, change it to the correct input, and hit record. Additionally, there might be a lot of imperfections in the recording.

YouTube For obscure and interesting sounds, YouTube is a gold mine. According to statistics, hours of video are uploaded every minute. And with hours of video material comes hours of audio. A few tips for YouTube: A lot of popular sample playlists have probably been overdone.

If you are using samples of songs from a playlist, try using them in a unique way that nobody would have tried before. Google Search Yes, you can search for music and sounds to sample with Google.

Shock horror. But the power is in the method here. Ever wish there was Google Images for sound? Well there is, sort of. Use the following query to find wav files containing a certain search term: Apart from this cool trick, simply search for anything sample-related to find music and sound to sample.

Here are a few example terms:

Example loops

SampleRadar: 1, free female vocal samples. By The. SampleRadar: free hip-hop samples. By The MusicRadar. The acoustic guitar samples are supplied in a zip file, so you’ll.

SampleRadar: 252 free explosive samples

Let us help you to kickstart your hip-hop production career. Image credit: It’s good to be back.

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Fruity loops samples free download. Free loops samples acapellas vocals downloads Royalty free music Fruity loops samples free download Rating: Event Automation allows controlling using event editor, record automation which saves in pattern clips.

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The acoustic guitar samples are supplied in a zip file, so you’ll. Inspired by the output of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, we’ve put together a collection of idiosyncratic samples that can be dropped straight. In this guide we are going to cover everything you need to know about how to sample in music, what sampling is and where to find samples.

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Music Radar Samples

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